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Hangar as Analog setting
Hangars in which lighting can be controlled,
make excellent analog moonbase places

mine as analog location
Abandoned, dry mine galleries make
good Lunar Analog environments

Oregon lavatube Moonbase simß
Oregon L5 Society outpost simulation in lava tube caves outside Bend, Oregon (1992)

Youngs Cave, Bend, OR
Young's Cave, Bend. Oregon - site of Oregon L5 moon base analog exercises

Subway cave, CA
Subway Cave in California

seabed analog
Underwater Analog Stations simulate Pressurization

The tricolor flag of our Moonbase Crew (#45) at MDRS, 2005

A Counterpressure Skinsuit

Picking colors for quick object identification

We built a “tunnel” at the Mars Desert Reseach Station, during our 2-week moonbase exercise in 2006



As Early as 2015, Russian capsules could ferrytourists, one at a time, around the Moon and back

Earth-Moon ferry
Earth-Moon Ferry

An Armchair Pick of Seven of the most  spectacular sights on, and from the Moon

tourists to the Moon
The Future and Role of Lunar Tourism
More Options than you would think!

First Tourist
Want to skim over The Moon;s farside?

lunar eclipse from the Moon
A total lunar eclipse seen from Earth is a  total solar eclipse as experienced on the Moon

Artemis Project Moon Bus
Artemis Project  pressurized tour bus

Earth and Moon to scale
Comparative sizes of Earth and Moon

View from Lr
The 5 Lagrange Points where the gravitation forces of Earth and Moon are in equilibrium.

Inflatable modules promise “elbow room” both in orbit, and on the Moon



A Space Enthusiast Success Story

Earth's Geosynchronous Orbit
Geosynchronous Orbit and the Moon could be an Economic Match

Lunar Underworld
There is more to The Moon than meets the eye!

 Kaguya Skylight
The first lavatube "skylight" found on the Moon

robot ant
MIT's Atilla - micro-robotic "social" cooperative teams could undertake exploration and construction tasks

The Future of the Moon and of the Asteroids is Intertwined

KREEP elements
KREEP, a resource found mainly around Mare Imbrium

Thermal Management
Heating and cooling the natural way

Lunar Smuggling?
Smuggling on the Moon? Well, maybe, but ........"

Marius Hills
Could the Marius Hills hold precious gas reserves?

tubics puzzle Moon
The Moon as a Puzzle

Hydropower on the Moon
Recirculating Hydroelectric Systems on the Moon

The Moon has all the ingredients needed for making building materials: concrete, glass, glass composites, ceramics, and metal alloys

Will we trash the Moon?
Will Pioneers Trash the Moon?

He4 Fusion procss
Helium 3 - Lunar Fusion Fuel

The principle of a barometer can be used to move cargo in and out of a pressurized space

A large moonbase made of local concrete

A Modular Architectural Language can yield great variety

Cast Basalt Tiles are an early lunar product

Can we put a beacon on the Moon visible to the naked eye from Earth?

Descending Rockets pick up surface dust,and sand blast anything in line of sight.

Skimming over the North Pole of the Moon - Art by Shannon S. Yaeger, 1996

Alternartive Surface Architecture Philosophies: "Blending in" or "Standing Proud"

$1,000 Working Power Beaming Demo built by a Moon Society Crew, debuts at ISDC 2008

Space Debris Could Halt Manned Flight

Phobos could be key to early Moon-Mars trade


Bursting Apolo's Evelope
If we are going to go back to the Moon, we need to really burst Apollo's envelope

Apollo 13 explosion
A Crippling Explosion in Apollo 13 Service Module. Is Manned Space Exploration Worth the Risk?

Risk aversion is the antithesis of frontier spirit

Teleoperation of equipment on the Moon saves on site crew for those things only personnel on hand can do

Artemis Project Space Motorcyle
Artemis Project, "minimal"ascent vehicle

prison of space debris
Space Debris Could Halt Manned Flight

small lunar lander
Transorbital microlander concept

With Develoment, Farside Radio Silence may shrink

Flank(tele)scopes Positions
The views from L4 and L5 give new expanded perspectives of the Moon.  Exploiting these advantages could be interesting!

Epic Footprints: Africa, Moon
 The Human Epic told with just two footprints

Gravity Jugs
"Gravity Jugs" make it easy to demonstrate the differences in gravity for Earth, Moon, and Mars



Artemis Project Moonbase Module
The Artemis Project Horizontal Landing Option

Astronauts climb into these suits from their pressurized rover without an airlock

Mass driver on the Moon
Illustration of the key parts of a mass driver for launching
payloads from the Moon.

Trans Luna Tram Line
Schematic for the Trans-Luna Tram Line

Suspension cable way
Cable Suspension System for the Lunar Tram

Go anywhere Cagemobile
Cage mobile personal go-anywhere transport

Spider overland bus
Go-anywhere Highland Explorer

Frog & Hostel
Amphibious "Frog" lander Hostel

The Interchute
The "Interchute" - No air, no airplanes,
no aiports  - no problem!

railroads on the Moon
Railroads on the Moon? Why not!


Global presence on the Moon
We won't really be "back to stay"
until our presence begins to spread

The Alpine Valley: preservation of scenic beauty
vs. transportation

before and after human settlement
Will humans change the way the Moon looks?

Archives of all mankind
Lunar lavatubes still intact for more than 3.5 billion years are the ultimate repositories for human and terrestrial records ans archives



Assuring Pioneer Mental Health is a Top Priority

sprituality on the Moon
What effects will the Lunar Environment have
on spirituality?

Lunar calendar "sunth" pair
Will pioneers want/need a special lunar calendar?

Gravity Levels
Can we adapt to lower gravity levels?

Lunar Currency
Will the Moon have its own currency?



An artist’s conception of a pair of 2 person private quarters

Luna City Hotel
A possible design for a Luna City Hotel

reusing fuel tanks
An outpost will need a lot of tanks for both liquids and gasses

Moving a Large Habitat
Moving a Large Habitat Module

Caison "Spacescraper" Tower
Caison "Spacescraper" Tower

"pentrooof" lunar spacescrapers
"Pentroof" towers

Amateur Telescope for use on Moon
An amateur telescope suitable for Lunar pioneers

fiber optic sunlight tube
Solar concentrator, fiber optics bundle  and fresnel lens diffuser.

rille bottom settlement
Rille Habitat - Basic concept - cross section

rille bottom town housing
Modular construction within a pressurized megastructure such as a vaulted rille town

berming aids
Stabilizing a mound of moondust shielding

The mass fraction of payload delivered is low when we throw away or return items useful in orbit

A thorium-based nuclear fuels industry for The Moon?

Water is an ideal shielding material

Simply by taking an External Tank to orbit and connecting it to the Shuttle with a tether we could have experimented with artificial gravity

If we mine the upper moondust layer for Helium-3, we will “by-produce” a wealth of needed volatiles


Tsiolkovsky Space Station
Perhaps the Earliest Space Station Design.
Notice the prominent role for a "forest"

The Biomass to volume ratio of a settlement must be on the high side

A lamp in a picture window is common on Earth. On the Moon, a filter of living plants would soften the view.

Modular Biospherics: treating toilet wastes at the source, in each habitat and activity module

Our mini-biospheres need to be modular.. Living Walls in all corridors will contribute much.

A ring mold or torus Greenhouse layout, could make robotic cultivation systems easier.

Homesick for trees or the forest?  Bonsai living miniatures are ready to go.

pedestrian & transit tubes
Pressurized pedestrian and transit corridors doing their share to boost vegetation

Water being recycled can be used for  ambiance

Modularity, even of settlement Neighborhoods distributes risk of biosystem failure

In early frontier days, private gardens will be rare. As we start building with local materials, that will change.

Growing food at a Moonbase will cut imports and also refresh the air and water supplies

Mother Earth - Father Sky
Mother Earth & Father Sky - Can environmentalists &
space enthusiasts work together?

Water, if used as shielding, would let in soft bluish sunlight
underground sun view system
Bringing the views and sunshine underground

"Reclamation" Flag
This flag is a blueprint for lunar settlements



Painting (art) on the Moon

Making “raw glass” products will be a near-term  option for adding an “at home on the Moon” touch.

Music instruments on the Moon
A steel drum or pan & a hang (drum)
Copper & Brass will not be availble for making musical instruments

Tired of graytones everywhere?  Rusting moondust to the rescue!

 How not to knock over the coffee mug on the Moon

Mancala (or Oware) anyone?
Making board games out of lunar materials means no paper, cardboard, wood, or plastics

Besides cast basalt products from basaltic moon dust, we can hew basalt blocks or slabs from solid basalt, as well as carve beautiful sculputes

 Screensaver fireplace illusions, yes. But how close can we come to a real fire?

Basalt Products are a near term lunar industry

 Working against lunar gravity to keep fit will not be easy. But we can keep good muscle tone with isometric exercises

Want to relax with your TV or other devices? Keep fit by generating the needed power!

As people start living in orbit and on the Moon, new sports, fun to play and watch in zero/low gravity will emerge.

Solar powered trike
Solar powered outrigger trike

Elephant trunk vacuum
Magnetic "elephant truck" moondust vacuum

Using an airlock has two great disadvantages
(1)precious air is exhausted into the vacuum
(2)moondust enters the habitat



Jupiter's Ocean Moon Europa
Europa type worlds may far outnumber Earth-like ones

Earth and Mars compared
Mars  has as much surface area  as all of Earth's continents together

Mars Underworld
There's more to Mars than meets the eye!

Mars sundial
Both Spirit & Opportunity host a "Mars Sundial"

Mars aviation
Can we demonstrate Mars Aviation here on Earth?

Moon, Mars & Moon Society
The Futures of the Moon and Mars will be Intertwined

Muddy Mars, forgotten color
Oops! We forgot a color!Muddy Mars - a bump in the road!

Message to the Stars
The perennial question remains: "Are we alone?"

Twins? Earth and Venus
Will people ever be able to live on Venus?

Europa Outpost
Europa would seem off-limits to humans.
But, maybe, if we _____?

New Atlantis - Europa
Just suppose that there are "air" pockets
under Europa's ice crust .....

Halley's Comet outgassing
Comets (especially "dead" ones) may be ripe for "wildcatting"

Forge of Mars Climate
Mars will feel much colder (below)
than it looks (above)

Lavatube skylight
Students Discover Lavatube Skylight on Mars

Triway to Space
Which destination to pick?
Asteroids? Mars? The Moon?

Triple Helix model for Space Oases
Reinventing Space Settlements - a forgotten "Cassini Curve"

Solar Power is increasingly ineffective farther out from Earth

"M class" planet
"M-Class" Planets: what defines a world as "Earth-like"