Moon Society Board elects Two New Directors

February 16, 2005 -- Moon Society Board of Directors elections are held annually on a staggered basis. Seven members serve two year terms, four elected in even number years, three in odd number years.

Recently, however, we were faced with two resignations. Newly elected director Steve Jackson resigned for personal reasons. Then newly reelected Michael Mealing found himself forced by job commitments to resign as well, not only as a director, but also as President of the Artemis Society.

We thank them both for their service.

In the case of mid-term vacancies, Society bylaws call for the Board to elect replacements.

Elected are the following:

Charles F. Radley of Tigard (Portland), Oregon

Bill W. Clawson of Fremont, California.

Both new directors will serve the remaining sixteen months of terms ending in 2006.

About Charles Radley

Charles Radley, Moon Society member #868, was born in England, as his accent still testifies. He has been an ardent space activist for many years and was invited to join the Leadership Council several months ago. Lately, Charles has been working in a leadership role with the recently formed Lunar Coalition whose goal it is to encourage NASA to make right choices for lunar mission science goals.

About Bill Clawson

Bill Clawson, Moon Society member #897, joined as a member of Artemis Society International in early 2000 just before the Moon Society Organizing Convention. He has been working diligently with Jonathan Goff to reactivate and reenergize the (San Francisco) Bay Area Moon Society.


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