April 17, 2010 - 40th Anniversary of the successful recovery of the Apollo 13 crew.

The Moon Society is happy to announce the winners of our Apollo 13 Commemorative Essay Contest, "Manned Space Exploration is worth the risk"
1st Prize: Three Year renewal of current Moon Society Membership
Edward N Brown, Lakewood, California, a Moon Society member

2nd Prize: One year renewal of current Moon Society Membership
Jared Treadway, Amelia, Ohio, a Moon Society member

3rd Prize: One year subscription to Moon Miners' Manifesto (hardcopy) contributed by the publisher (Lunar Reclamation Society)
Three-way tie, listed in alphabetical order of last name:
Tom Burkhalter, Hickory, North Carolina (not a member or former member)
Dorothy Diehl, Mt. Angel, Oregon (member Oregon L5 Society)
Valentin Peretroukhin, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (not a member or former member)
We thank our panel of three judges: Marianne Dyson, Ian Randal Strock, Chuck Lesher.

The Society also wishes to thank these winners for their fine entries, but also all of the other contestants for their submissions.
The winning entries will be published in Moon Miners' Manifesto, as space permits (not all in the same issue)

The above five entries plus five more are being published today in Moonbeams, our science fiction online magazine
A tenth, sent in the form of a science fiction story, will also be published in a future issue of Moonbeams, but as a story, not as a contest entry.
The Society is very pleased with the response to this contest.

We will concentrate next on a special observance of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 15 mission, July 26-August 7, 2011.
Apollo 15 was the first with a moon rover, and the first to visit a location of exceptional scenic beauty, Hadley Ridge.
The timing will allow us more than a year of lead time, and we hope to stage our most exciting observance yet.
Under discussion are engineering design competitions, e.g. for a pressurized lunar tourist coach, and other ideas too early in the conceptualization stage to mention now. We will put together a 3-person team to develop these ideas.


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