Moon Miners' Manifesto announces a new series of publications
Arranging past non-time-sensitive articles according to theme

announcement updated October 7, 2009

July 29, 2009 - The MMM Classics program, launched in 2004, has been an effort to archive and collect "all the non-time-sensitive articles" from past years of MMM, one pdf file collection per publication year. Recently MMM Classic #20 was published, making the first twenty years of MMM articles freely accessible to anyone. A three year lag is maintained behind the current issue, to preserve the incentive to join the Society in order to access these more recent password protected issues.

Now a new series is being launched to collect the same material, but this time organized by theme. The first MMM Classic Theme issue gathers all the Mars theme articles from years 1-10 in one pdf file. A second pdf file collects all the Mars Theme issues from year 11-20.
For access, simply go to

Future themes are tentative, but could include: Environmentalism on the Moon ["Eden on Luna"], Lunar Building Materials, The Lunar Economy, The Lunar Homestead, Modular Architecture and Modular Biospherics, Frontier Arts & Crafts, Frontier Sports, , Other Solar System Destination, - you get the idea. The order of appearance will probably reflect the editor's preference.

We hope that this new series will be helpful to new and long time members and subscribers both.


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