A Strategic Plan for Growing The Moon Society

February 8, 2008 Draft, March 6, 2008 update, June 5, 2008 update



Increase our international activities:
Concentrate on English speaking nations and nations with sizable English speaking communities: Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, India, other former British colonies
International collaborations (e.g. cosponsoring events)
International affiliations (e.g. Sociedad Espacial Mexicana)
Local unaffiliated local groups (e.g. Calgary Space Workers)


Board of Governors with high profile names (Hanks, Lovell, Aldrin, etc.)
I am not sure that we are ready to effectively recruit such celebrities - This may be a future goal
Joint Press Releases with better known groups to piggyback on their higher public profile
Seek Link Exchanges wherever appropriate, in the interest of both parties


ISDC - our principal portal to other players in the Space Movement - Expanding our ISDC presence and effectiveness should be an automatic budget line item, not an afterthought

1. "Meet the Moon Society Leaders" events
2. Hours when President, other spokespersons present will be at our display to engage visitors
3. Displays that are dynamic, attention-getting, respect-earning - the challenge here is twofold: cost and logistics
4. Engage leaders of other organizations at the annual ISDC, looking for areas of overlapping interests Collaboration and mutual affiliation with all Space Settlement proponents
5. Moon Track Sponsorship (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

Maintain a highly cooperative strategy toward other groups

1. Proactively seek cooperative efforts with other organizations (MarsDrive)
2. Work to identify interests in common (e.g. Space Nursing Society, the psychological and physiological health of lunar pioneers) - PK
3. Take the initiative in seeking collaborations and affiliations with such groups


Build relationships to Environmental and Earth/Space bridge groups

1. E.g. www.earthandspace.org (which is cosponsoring the Moon Society/NSS application to the EPA for grant money to put on a cross-constituency "Planet Earth & Space Conference"
2. More articles/links about actual and potential benefits to Earth -B


MEMBERS, VISITORS - Expanding the membership, visitor experience

Grow the percentage of women, currently c. 5% - Do more to attract women.

1. Call attention to Articles in MMM that should be of interest, e.g. suggestions for Lunar homestead decor, arts &
crafts, psychological well-being of pioneers x- PK
2. Aggressively recruit women to the Leadership Council
3. Identify Projects that may attract women

• Grow the percentage of students and young people in the Society

1. Articles of interest in MMM - The many articles about lunar sports opportunities attract mainly adult males
2. Projects that appeal to students - contests, competitions, simulations, games that identify solutions

Strategy of volunteer empowerment and which Expand participation by our members

1. Quarterly Town meetings in the MOO 2nd Wednesday, other - PK
2. Improve the Contact the Society area on website and in Moon Society Journal
3. New visitors page to maximize experience of website visitors - done, PK - www.moonsociety.org/visitors/


Strategy of Leader Empowerment

Our core group is dedicated. Are there ways to increase dedication, and to provide
tools and resources to make them more effective? Here are suggestions, not necessarily answers.
Online retreats? - Voluntary attendance, given by guest motivational speakers?
Occasional guest moderators/portions of regular meetings? - annually after elections?

Assigning action items every meeting - confirming action items should be a prerequisite before any motion to adjourn

Revisit the Strategic Plan and prioritize efforts for each quarter, looking ahead

Five Year Goals with annual reports by the President, with any appropriate adjustments



1. Vision Statement printed in every issue OF MMM (>MSJ) done, PK
2. Improved contact the Society section in MSJ -done, PK
3. An online hyperlink index to back articles - PK
4. A Glossary - PK

MMM CONTINUITY - a contingency plan to survive death or incapacitation of current editor

1. Transfer Publication, Trademarks, and Copyrights from the Lunar Reclamation Society to the Moon Society - LRS' offer to do so a few years ago was ignored
2. Seek assistant editors

Other Publications
1. Online publications - This area has recently been established at /publications/papers/ with an "online papers" link in the right hand Destinations Menu of our front page
2. Developing a comprehensive list of Position Papers and White Papers. This has been a priority but takes time. One way to move this goal to the front burner is to create a volunteer team that meets regularly.
3. Consider inaugurating an online lunar, near term inner solar system Science-Fiction publication


We are limited in what we can do by two things:
1. Available Volunteers
2. Available Funds - If we want to do exciting projects we need to do much better at attracting donations. To some
extent, this is a chicken or Egg matter. We have to play the Rooster's role: If we announce exciting projects for
which we have the resources to define and develop the project idea, we can leverage enthusiasm for the project to
raise funds.

Bequests & Endowments
Aggressively seek - Baby boomer demographics offers potential for significant bequests as baby boomers now face retirement and reorder their priorities - How do we do this?

Donations - Naming Upgrade Donor levels/benefits & perks?
- Suggested levels (open to input):
1. Lunar Explorer $50 (1 year +$15) + CD
2. Lunar Prospector $100 (2 yrs + $30 + book
3. Lunar Pioneer $200 (4 years + $60) + globe
4. Lunar Entrepreneur $500 (10 years + $150) Should this be a requirement for membership in a new Board of Governors?

• A Donors List Page
on website? (under /giving/)
• Donor recruitment of other donors?
• Replace present "make a donation" button/link with something that allows indication of what the donation is



• Moon Society Officers, Directors, and Leaders are welcome to give input on this plan to Grow the Society's
membership and effectiveness.
• The above plan takes a look at the Society from many angles. The plan makes suggestions, but we make no pretense
of knowing how to pursue all these goals.
• Using this plan to grow our Society and increase its effectiveness is not a done deal. How we can do so will present us
with ongoing brainstorming challenges.
• We may want to recruit people experienced in any of these areas, to join the Society. Taking them on as volunteer
staff, avoids the 2-year continuous membership requirement for elected positions.
• Your president is not a skilled recruiter. For example, Dave Dunlop, who has been most helpful, came to us and offered
his services. We did not find him by any sort of search.


Since putting together this plan as a relevant subset of the points included in the NSS Draft
Strategic Plan, I have identified a number of things which, either as President, or as Editor, I could take care of right
away. Some of these are listed as "done - PK" or "wip (work in progress) - PK" The list follows
Continuing to look for more areas of collaboration between the Society and NSS

1. Participation by Society members in NSS-led legislative action efforts (/legislative/)
2. A possible EPA funded conference that seeks to establish a conversation between environmentalists and space
enthusiasts who are both interested in saving our home planet, but have approached the cause from different vantage points and cultures. Dr. Peter Schubert is responsible for finding this opportunity and for advancing the suggestion to
a completed proposal now before EPA.
3. Solar Power Beaming Demonstration
4. Participation in planning the ISDC (Moon Track; SPS Track; Cosponsorship
5. Continuing to be on the alert for ways to spread our influence internationally - we are supporting the fledgling Mexican Space Society (SEM) in its efforts to define an exciting low-budget program for the new Mexican Space Agency, and SEM's proposed lunar analog station. At ISDC 2008, we courted two international student groups: one in Mumbai, India, another north of Toronto, Canada. Reports on these efforts will be forthcoming if and as these efforts become real.

The more difficult and challenging items in the Strategic Plan remain unaddressed (those items not already taken on as action items by the president)

The above measures have been easy to address. But much of this Strategic Plan requires Board, Management Council,
and Leadership Council attention, brainstorming, and development. It is a plan that we must keep revisiting,
continually redefining it. It is our business as officers, directors, leaders to begin to address this plan.
The recently suggested "Project focus Game Plan" as a guideline for Project development, and for future Position
Papers is a separate and complementary document.

June 5, 2008
Peter Kokh, President, The Moon Society