Society Notes the Passing
of Arthur C. Clarke

03.19.2008 - The Society notes the death of the great Science Fiction Writer, Arthur C. Clarke. Clarke's writings inspired many of us from the pre-Apollo era, and help plant the seeds of a firm belief that the Moon would someday be a human frontier.

There is a good biography as well as a list of Clarke's writings in Wikipedia, and a more personal note of how those writings helped lay the foundations for Moon Miners' Manifesto has been posted to the Moon Society blog.

Clarke was an early promotor of geosynchronous satellites for communications purposes. The past two decades he has been wheel chair bound with polio, but continued to write with the assistance ofseveral collabortors.

May he reach the stars before us and continue to light the way.

The Moon Society is exchanging image links with the producers of Maelstrom II, a movie yet to be released that has its inspiration in a Clarke's story by that name.

In honor of Clarke's work, Moon Society Advisor Chip Proser has put up a 7 minute Video of Clarke speaking on Space Elevators. This video can also be accessed at


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