Agenda of the Membership Meeting, September 17, 2008

ASI-MOO - Auditorium (northwest)

1) 2008 elections results - RSG

2) Recent bylaws changes: The Management Council, Annual Membership Meetings - RSG

3) Our Vision, Mission, and Strategy - PK

a) Moon Society Strategic Plan for Growing the Society

b) A Project-Organizing Focus & Game Plan for The Moon Society

4) our new Project Teams Page

5) Our primary and auxiliary interactive websites
MySpace, Facebook,, Twitter

6) Moon Miners’ Manifesto

7) Our affiliations and collaborations - PK (NSS, ALS, Partner NSS Chapters, others)

8) The treasurers report - DC

9) Awards of Recognition to Moon Society Members For Outstanding Service in the past year

10) Our plans to make the Society ever more effective, and more vital.