Awards of Recognition to Moon Society Members
For Outstanding Service in the past year

By The President of the Moon Society
September, 17, 2008

On the Occasion of the 1st Annual Moon Society Membership Meeting, the President would like to recognize the following for outstanding service to the Society in the past year.

Charles F. Radley & James A. Rogers for their work on our MySpace, Facebook,  and websites. Charles has been tireless in looking for new opportunities to extend the Moon Society presence, and has been a "working vice-president" in the best sense of the word.James, in his mid-20s, brings the vigor and perspective of youth into our deliberations.

Charles F. Radley, R. Scot Gammenthaler, and Paul Blase for their work to create our table-top Solar Power Beaming Demo, get it approved, and assembled at ISDC 2008.

Craig D. Porter and Eric H. Bowen for starting two dynamic new chapters in Phoenix and Houston respectively. The Phoenix chapter has been exceptionally busy with various outreach opportunities. The Houston chapter has set up a Forum for the use of the entire society as well as for individual chapters.

David A. Dunlop for assisting Chip Proser in setting up interviews to be videotaped for additional Moon Colony Video productions at both ISDC 2007 and ISDC 2008, for putting together the Moon Track at ISDC 2008, and volunteering to do the same for ISDC 2009 in Orlando, for starting the Green Bay Wisconsin Outpost and for resurrecting the Experimental Lunar Agriculture project he began in the early 1990s, and for continued promotion of the University of Luna Project, and for efforts to start a number of academic student chapters. Finally for his efforts in helping brainstorm a number of new Moon Society initiatives as well as producing material for MMM.

Ben Nault and Fred L. Hills for accepting an invitation to run for the Board of Directors. Ben has started an outpost in Tucson, and Fred is trying to do so in the Washington-Baltimore area and helped set up our arrangement with the NASA Federal Credit Union,  Fred has also submitted articles and short fiction to Moon Miners’ Manifesto, and personally recruited new members at ISDC 2008.

Peter J. Schubert for his outstanding work in putting together a proposal to cosponsor a Planet Earth & Space Conference that would endeavor to  bring together representatives from the environmental and space movements, and to start a continuing conversation between these two cultures both determined to save our planet for posterity. Peter has also proposed that Solar Power Satellites constructed largely of lunar materials be a major focus of the Moon Society, serving to unify all our various projects.

I would like to thank all officers and directors of the past and current terms for their dedication and strong support of the goals of this Society, for all they have done to transform us into an energetic and productive "Little Engine That Could."

It is my honor and privilege to have served and to continue to serve with such an outstanding crew.

Framable Certificates will arrive in the mail.

Signature of Peter Kokh
Peter Kokh,
President, The Moon Society
September 17, 2008