MMM Classics - The First Twenty Years

All the “classic” non-time sensitive articles of Moon Miners’ Manifesto are now preserved in 20 volumes of the MMM Classics, in pdf file format, one per publication year, for free access download by anyone, members, former members, or curious visitors.

The MMM Classics now span the period MMM #1 December 1986 through MMM #200 November 2006. The total number of accumulate pages is 1256.

Volume 20 had not been scheduled for release until January of next year. However, as the National Space Society is awarding MMM Editor Peter Kokh the Gerard k. O’Neill Space Settlement award for this body of work. 

As NSS wishes to circulate CDs (CD label) of this material at the upcoming International Development Conference in Orlando, Florida May 27th-31st, it was decided that these CDs should represent the “First Twenty Years”, not just nineteen, and so this volume was assembled early.

It is the Moon Society’s hope that this award and the focus given thereby to Moon Miners’ Manifesto, will result in an increase in direct subscriptions through the publisher, The Lunar Reclamation Society, NSS’ Milwaukee chapter, as well as in an increase in Moon Society Membership.

Those who just subscribe will still be exposed to the Moon Society Journal centerfold section in each issue, and thus learn about Moon Society goals and projects. They would then, we  hope,  be motivated to join the Society.

These volumes of the MMM Classics are freely downloadable, no username or password needed, from

The current issue of MMM is #225 May 2009. We had intended to keep the Classics "three plus years shy of the current issue," to maintain a strong motive to join the Society for access to more recent issues. By publishing MMM Classic #20 seven months early, we are temporarily ahead of schedule. MMM Classic #21 is due out January 2011.


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