Lunar Reclamation Society Publishes New MMM Glossary

Address updated March 11, 2010

May 19, 2009 - The Lunar Reclamation Society has published a new Glossary of "MMM-Speak: new words and old words with new meaning" as used in Moon Miners' Manifesto.

The initial addition includes over 300 entries, many with illustrations. And "several dozen additional entries are under construction.

The Glossary has been a long time coming, and an initial list of words over a hundred long had languished on the editor's computer for some years.

Getting this ready for the publicity surrounding MMM and its "First Twenty Years" (MMM is half way through its 23rd year) at the National Space Society's 2009 International Space Development Conference in Orlando, May 27-31, 2009 was the driver behind an intensive effort to complete an initial edition.

Many have asked about a Subject Index to past issues. This is not it, but it can certainly fill some of the same need.

More importantly, the Glossary is aimed at our newer members. Perhaps many of them do not bother to read through the Classics, figuring them to be dated material. By the time they have gotten the ten issues of their first year, they have not begun to sense the totality of the vision, not only behind the newsletter, but of the Lunar Reclamation Society's and Moon Society's visions and goals.

It is hoped that new members will consider this to be a "Read Me First" guide, not just to Moon Miners' Manifesto, but to the vision and goals of the two societies.

The Glossary is in the form of one web page, over 250 kb, plus illustrations. As the publisher expects to continually edit and add to it, it makes sense to keep it online. But a pdf file version of the present edition is over 80 pages long.


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