MMM Classics Project Reaches Milestone

To all current and former members of The Moon Society and/or of Artemis Society International.

As you may know, since May 2000, we have been archiving new issues of Moon Miners' Manifesto online, starting with issue #145, at:

This site requires a current Moon Society username and password for access. If you are a current member but have not picked a username and password, you will be prompted throuhg the necessary steps at:

each new issue of the Society newsletter, Moon Miners' Manifesto, in pdf format which allows each issue to be downloaded to any computer regardless of platform or operating system.

In the late eighties, there had been an effort to put individual articles online at:

However, this was a process that involved too many volunteers and too many hoops. Progress was slow, and the results often unacceptable to the MMM Editor.

In July of 2004, the Lunar Reclamation Society, the Milwaukee chapter of the National Space Society and a partner organization of Artemis Society International and of the Moon Society since September 1995, had decided to cease publication of the Moon Miners' Review during the MMM Editor's two annual breaks, January and July, and instead concentrate on preserving the material from the early years in annual collections, one per publishing year, in which all the non-time-sensitive articles and essays would be reedited, reillustrated, and republished, again in pdf format accessible to all.

If you do not have software to read pdf files on your computer, you can download the appropriate version, free, from:

We are happy to announce the publication of MMM Classic #15, the latest addition, on January 1, 2007. Now two and a half years later, the first 15 years of MMM, from issue #1 in December 1986 through issue #150 in November 2001 are preserved in this fashion in the MMM Classics volumes.

These files are all freely accessible to members, former members, visitors, and the general public alike.

You will find the whole collection in two locations

On the publisher's website:

And on the Moon Society's website:

We would like to extend the MMM Classics program to cover all issues over three years old. Thus, for example, that would ideally now include MMMC #s 16 and 17. This is a matter, however, for the Moon Society Board to consider. If approval is granted, those two issues would be released this July, and then, each January, one more annual collection would be published.

You would still need a current Moon Society member username and password to access individual issue pdf files for issues of the previous three years.

Do explore these issues and enjoy!

The effort to preserve the work of Moon Miners' Manifesto will hopefully not stop with the publication of the Classics volumes. Still on the "wish list" are two complementary projects.

MMM GLOSSARY: "MMM-Speak" - Definitions of old words and phrases given special meaning in MMM and of new words, coined in MMM because no existing word would really do.

MMM ONLINE SUBJECT INDEX: based on a specific list of keyword-Metatags

While we have yet to embark on either effort, the MMM Classics project has made both tasks much less formidable, and serves as a springboard.

Oh yes, please do feel free to send the links to the MMM Classics files to your friends, or post those links on your website.

If you are not now a current Moon Society member, we would be delighted, of course, to have you join, or renew.

On the subject of Moon Miners' Manifesto as a continuing publication, if there are topics you would like to see discussed, or issues you would like to share, please feel free to let me know.

MOON SOCIETY JOURNAL: As you know, each issue has a four-page centerfold section devoted to the affairs of the Moon Society. If there are things you would like covered or discussed in this section, please feel free to let me know that also.

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