2005.11.28 - Crew selection for Artemis Moonbase Sim 1 is completed.

We have a talented and diverse crew of three Americans, two Canadians, and one German. Two of the crew are women. The crew consists of six persons - there are sleeping accommodations for six. A 7th person is joining us during the second week just before another has to leave early. An 8th person will be on location on his own schedule, and staying in Hanksville. But we regard him as one of the crew.

There is sleeping room for six in the Hab. Our initial crew consists of the following:

  • Peter Kokh, Commander, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Laurel Ladd, Executive Officer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Steven Winikoff, Engineer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • William Fung-Schwarz, Health & Safety Officer, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Leslie Wickman, Biologist and EVA Suit technician, Long Beach, California
  • Guido Meyer, Journalist, Bonn, Germany and Miami, Florida

In addition, Chip Proser, Los Angeles, California will be spending time on location videotaping footage for future documentaries, eating with us, but overnighting in neighboring Hanksville. Chip will be on his own schedule as to arrival and departure.

Also joining us late, on March 6th, will be Ben Huset who served with Peter Kokh last February on MDRS Crew #34, the Refit Crew. We will be one extra for a couple of days, but Leslie Wickman will be leaving early, on the 9th, for a previous commitment.

Artemis Moonbase Simulation One Crew

L-->R: William Fung-Schwarz, Leslie Wickman, Peter Kokh,
Laurel Ladd, Steven Winikoff, Guido Meyer, Chip Proser, BenHuset

At the link above, you will be able to learn more about our talented crew members. Photos and biographies and project descriptions will be posted.

Four crew members have major projects planned for the mission

  • Leslie Wickman will be conducting a Lunar Life Support Systems Study to determine how well the present GreenHab facility contributes to water recycling at the facility, and making recommendations for its improvement.
    Leslie will also be studying the EVA analog space suits and making recommendations for their improvement.
  • Laurel Ladd has two projects: Conducting a Site Management Study to identify issues and concerns that need to be addressed in adopting Site Management policies and practices.
    She has also volunteered to put together an "early space frontier diet" for the crew.
  • William Fung-Schwarz, an RN, will be conducting a Human Factors study including several parameters not previously studied at MDRS.
  • Peter Kokh, besides making constructive input to the projects of the other crew members, will be doing an ergonomic study of the Hab and its systems and outlying facilities, both to suggest improvements and expansion options, and to help identify and define issues and concerns that should be addressed in a clean slate design for a future lunar analog station.
  • Guido Meyer will be attempting to create publicity for the effort in the home town markets of the various crew members.
  • Ben Huset and Steven Winikoff will be attempting to put together a lunar observing program for the crew in which students can have input, using the MDRS Observatory's 14 inch Celestron telescope - if the observatory shutters can be repaired in time.


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