Moon Society Awarded Crew #45 Slot
at Mars Desert Research Station

2005.10.05 - MDRS Program Manager Tony Muscatello confirms that the Crew #45 slot is reserved for a Moon Society Crew, with our dates February 25 through March 12, 2006.

Hi Peter,

Congratulations!  I have reserved Crew 45 for the Moon Society Crew with you as the commander.  Please let me know if you'd like me to call your crew by a different name in our announcements and web postings. 

I look forward to seeing your crew's objectives and approach in making a lunar mission simulation at the MDRS (which will temporarily be the "Moon Desert Research Station" for your rotation!  .

Welcome aboard!

Tony Muscatello

We had tried to get a slot in the 2005 Field Season, but all the slots were filled up early. In preparation for this project, crew members Peter Kokh and Ben Huset had taken assignments on Crew #34 in February 2005. It was essential to be familiar with the Mars Outpost if we were going to plan realistic projects.

This opens up a whole new field of activity for the Moon Society, and fits in perfectly with the long range planning under the code name Project Leto


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