Suggest a Name and/or Design a Banner
for our new Formatted Email Newsletter

July 22, 2010
Moon Society members, former members, visitors, and friends

Not quite two weeks ago, we sent out a request for assistance in putting out a new formatted email newsletter for the Moon Society. We had five responses! Thanks to all who answered. Dennis Groves, of Mequon, WI (Milwaukee) will be the editor, and we are already working on the first issue.

However, we have decided to launch two contests.

The first is to pick a name for the new e-newsletter.
Your entry should be emailed to by midnight Friday, July 30th with the subject line “name entry”
The Prize: If we pick your submission, you will receive a one year renewal or new membership (as the case may be) in the Moon Society.
The second contest is for a masthead banner.
Your entry should be emailed to by midnight Friday, August 6th with the subject line “banner art entry”
A possible template has been posted at:
This sample is 650 pixels wide, 95 pixels high
But we will look at anything you compose with other dimensions
You need not include the Moon Society logo - we can add that at this end.
The chosen name will be superimposed on the chosen banner image.

The Prize:  Should your entry be selected, you would receive a three year membership or renewal in The Moon Society.

Questions? just email me at the address above.

The banner can be in black/white/gray tones or in color. Artwork should be original, but can include NASA images which are public property.

Thanks, and good luck,

Peter Kokh
President, The Moon Society