Solar Power Beaming Demonstration Unit Makes Debut

06-14-2008. Our Solar Power Beaming Demonstration was finished in time to make its debut at the International Space Development Conference in Washington DC on Saturday, May 31st.

Photos from the conference:

The idea was to create a working demonstration of how Solar power Satellites would work, with the aim of boosting public support for this initiative. Solar Power Satellites have been receiving renewed interest since the release of the National Space Security Office report [] on October 10, 2007. We could not have tackled this project without the expertise of two persons: Vice-president Charles F. Radley, and Board Chairman R. Scotty Gammenthaler. The Board has given them full support including needed funds, to carry this project through to completion.

The enthused response from ISDC attendees was very gratifying, and earned us several new memberships.

We are now working to find ways to help other organizations replicate our working model based on our parts list, list of parts sources, blueprints, and procedures for building and testing the working parts - the transmitter and rectifier - and the procedures for getting these approved by the FCC so that they can be operated in public.

Leadership Council member James Rogers has produced a trifold brochure on the project []


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