Solar Power Beaming Demo Unit "Online Kit" Produced

9.05.2009 - Moon Society completes “Online Kit” for our tabletop Solar Power Beaming Demonstration Unit.
Constructing our own table-top solar power beaming demonstration unit took quite a bit of work by a team of several people. Our unit was finished in time for a grand debut at the National Space Society's 2008 International Space Development Conference in Washington DC, the weekend of May 29th- June 1st, 2008.

This unit has been displayed several times since, at the New Space Conference in Washington DC., and at two conferences in  Orlando, Fl (including ILEWG 2008 and ISDC 2009), and at the International Symposium on Solar Energy from Space in Toronto, Canada, September 10, 2009.
Our Follow-on Project: An Online Kit to help other groups to produce additional demo units
One unit is not enough! We need a lot of people to see this or similar demonstration units, if we are going to affect public opinion at large in the direction of support for Space-Based Solar Power as the most attractive and effective way to solve the World's increasing energy problems, in a way that respects and protects Earth's environment.

Thus, it has been our goal from the outset to produce an "Online Kit" so that many other groups could duplicate, and perhaps improve upon, what we have done. More Demo Kits in more hands means more people will have the opportunity to see one.

The Moon Society's desktop Solar Power Beaming Demonstration model was designed as one of a kind. Thus, it has taken some time to produce a set of diagrams, instructions, parts source lists, etc. that would allow others to closely replicate the model we produced, or to improve upon it.


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